Protecting Your Roof from Storm Damage

Two Ways To Repair a Sheet Metal Roof

Sheet metal roofing is widely used by property owners due to the material’s inherent durability and strength. However, like all materials, the metal roof can suffer from occasional damage. For example, a tree may be blown over and strike a section of the roof. If this happens, it is much better to assess and fix […]

Is the Price Right for Your Roof Restoration?

There are multiple facets of a typical roof restoration, all of which require labour, materials, equipment and services to complete. All of these factors are taken into consideration and can have a significant effect on the price of your job. Before hiring a company to service your roof, you must first understand what is involved […]

Your Purchasing Guide to Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing offers a vast array of options for your construction needs. Often crafted and used as bulletproof glass, this material is a great option for any type of roof because it lasts so long, insulates well and offers fresh new design flexibility that a lot of other materials do not. Below is what you […]

Your Guide To Removing Roof Shingles

Removing the shingles during a DIY roof renovation is perhaps the most daunting part of the whole project. It can be dangerous and physical work, but many people feel it is worth the effort; a decent amount of savings can be made by tackling the project yourself. Safety is paramount when working on a roof, […]

Shingle Roofs: Re-roofing pros and cons

For many shingle roof owners, you may want to know what to do with your roof once some of the shingles start getting old and worn. Some owners decide to replace the whole roof, but is this really necessary? Laying old shingles on new ones is also an option worth considering and in this case, […]